I use OpenBSD for my firewall, and for my web/dns/mail server.

I used to be an officer in the San Francisco OpenBSD User Group, before I moved away from San Francisco.

I primarily use laptops for my workstations:
  • leela Apple G4 Ti Powerbook 550MHz (now 667MHz). almost completely retired.
  • zombie HP/Compaq nx6125. total piece of crap. acpi test machine
  • hobbes Dell Latitude d630. primary workstation
  • lappy Acer Aspire One. i386 test box
  • roc Lemote Yeelong. mips64el-based netbook
    I like to configure my machines in this way.

    In May 2008, I was made a developer with the project. My primary area of interest is ports.

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    Peter Hessler spambox@theapt.org