bios0: Hewlett-Packard HP Compaq nx6125 (PZ895UA#ABA)

K8 PowerNow! works, I'm using `apm -C` to let the system automatically control the cpu speed. Works excellently.

X works decently. no accel 2d, but at least it displays at 1400x1050@16bit. Fast enough to play a dvd at full-screen though.

audio plays at the wrong speed (it says it supports 44.1KHz, but it up-speeds everything to 48KHz)

acpi causes a system panic still, hopefully that will be solved in the near future.

the included wifi card was unsupported broadcom, and the replacement I bought from HP gives me an evil BIOS "unsupported, so I won't boot" message. I still need to call HP and read them the riot act. Or hack the bios to accept it anyways.

built-in bluetooth is detected, but I have not gotten around to actually testing it.

touchpad (including side "scrollwheel" area) works just fine

Untested: fingerprint scanner, microphone, firewire, vga port, modem

ACPI kernel config